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Hello heatwave! July 19, 2013

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Hello hello and welcome to the brand new Ranger blog from the Rouken Glen Park HLF Activity Ranger and Park Ranger Service. We hope to update this blog as often as we can with fun facts and information about what’s going on in the Park, and what our Ranger team are getting up to.

As we all know, Rouken Glen Park has been basking in the glorious sunshine for the best part of two weeks now. This inevitably means that there are a lot more people enjoying the park than usual, especially since its the Summer holidays. Our Park Rangers are working hard to keep the Park in tip-top condition, mainly keeping on top of the litter and emptying bins multiple times a day.

Many people are visiting for very different reasons. Some are here to play in the play-park, lots are here to walk their dogs, cyclists are making use of our cycle lanes, children are pond-dipping for pond monsters, some are here for just a leisurely stroll and many just to enjoy a good old-fashioned picnic in their local park. With all this in mind, the Ranger Service would like to remind people to respect other user’s access rights and to exercise their own rights responsibly.

This means we do have a few ground rules:

  • BBQ’s and fires are prohibited in the park, for safety reasons.
  • All dogs should be kept under close control or on a lead at all times.
  • Always pick up and dispose of your dog’s waste carefully, even if you’re walking in some of the wilder areas of the park.

  • Cyclists should stick to marked cycle lanes, cycling at a safe speed and ringing a bell to warn other users of your approach.

For more information on your access rights and responsibilities, please visit and observe our Parks Management Rules which can be found on white signs at most park entrances.

Now to the fun part.

Our Activity Ranger has been very busy in the park over the last month, SDC15658running several Ranger events and a couple of Volunteer Action Days.

Activity Ranger Kate kicked things off in style with ‘Trees A Crowd’ on a particularly wet and windy day in May, exploring some of Rouken Glen’s oldest and tallest residents. Participants enjoyed activities such as making bark rubbings, lichen moustaches, measuring the height of a Douglas Fir and making tree faces out of clay.




No newts made an appearance for ‘Newts Are Cute’ later in May, so we stuck to some good old pond dipping instead. We found tadpoles, water-boatmen, a water scorpion and lots of leeches!






The start of the Summer holidays saw some brave young Riverbeast Explorers take on the challenge of helping our Activity Ranger to survey the Auldhouse Burn, deep down in the Glen. This was closely followed the next day by an afternoon of bug hunting on our ‘Bugs ‘n’ Beasties’ event, where we discovered an array of fabulous creepy-crawlies!

Our 2013 Ranger Events Guide can be found at your local library, East Renfrewshire Council Buildings, and from our Pavilion once the refurbishment is completed.




Meadow Brown butterfly resting on Kate's finger

Meadow Brown butterfly resting on Kate’s finger





This week it was also Kate’s turn to carry out a Butterfly Transect Survey in the Upper Meadow area of the park. The sun was shining and there were plenty of butterflies and other bugs out enjoying the great weather. Kate spotted a grand total of 19 Ringlets, 5 Meadow Browns and something white which she thinks was a Green-Veined White. Our butterfly survey is being carried out by trained volunteers from April to October to monitor butterfly species and populations trends in the park and as part of a UK-wide monitoring programme.












  I think that’s all our updates for now. Oh and before I forget, check out our new HLF Park Improvement Poster:





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